Greenway Brides is a home-grown bridal dress rental service

based in the Kenilworth countryside, in the heart of the Midlands.


Our aim is to offer brides the chance to wear the dress of their dreams on their big day, for an affordable price to both our customers and the planet.


We have lovingly curated a collection of bridal dresses in a variety of styles, 

currently ranging from UK sizes 6 to 18. We are always expanding our range.


After 25 happy years of marriage, I realised what a terrible tragedy I had brought upon my beautiful wedding dress, confining it to a box for eternity. My dress, handmade by my mum, had been worn just once and then hidden away.

I began to think about how many other wedding dresses had met the same fate. Why do we do this? Wedding dresses deserve to shine for more than one day, So I set about collating a fabulous collection of beautiful wedding dresses, my own included, in the hope that they can bring joy to many more brides. 

Plenty of grooms hire their morning suits, so why don't brides hire their wedding gowns? Not only would this make wearing a gorgeous wedding dress much more affordable, but we would all be doing our part to help protect the environment promoting longer lives for these special dresses. 

Ali Oliver

Why Hire?

These days, many brides-to-be spend thousands of pounds on their wedding day and this often includes a dazzling designer dress which will be worn once before being put away for storage and never seen again, a heartbreaking fate for such beautiful gowns.

Here at Greenway Brides, we believe there is a better way. We encourage brides-to-be to get married the green way, as well as saving the expense of buying something they will only wear once.


We offer excellent quality, mostly designer dresses which are either new, ex-sample or carefully worn.

Reducing your impact on the Environment

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. According to the World Bank, 20% of water pollution globally is caused by textile processing, making it the second biggest polluter of freshwater resources on the planet.


A quarter of all the chemicals produced in the world are used in textiles and it is also highly resource-intensive. With clothing consumption predicted to soar by 60% by 2030 due to the rise of ever-faster fashion, the industry clearly needs to change course.


Hiring your wedding dress is a great place to start!

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Weddings don't have to cost the earth!


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